Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ever wonder what the Hulk's balls taste like?

Wonder no longer.

What: Hostess Lucky Puffs
When: Feb. 29, 2008
Where: NYC
Cost: Unknown (purchased by Allison)

I have always avoided the Sno-ball rack of the Twinkie aisle. In truth, I never would have tried these green, St. Patty's-themed puffs if they had not been purchased for me. I can't imagine why anyone would willingly choose a Sno-ball over pretty much anything else that a gas station has to offer.

They are four layers of neon grossness.

Layer #1: Green Coconut.

There is just enough coconut to turn a coconut-hater off, but not enough to make the puff coconut-flavoured. So what is the point? Maybe it is there to give the food colouring something to adhere to.

Layer #2: Marshmallow.

Typical low-quality marshmallow. It was really dry and spongy, and made it hard to swallow. After the first two bites I peeled it off. Mike almost ate it, but was stopped by the pork gelatin listed in the ingredients. He still doesn't realize how lucky he was.

Layer #3: Chocolate Cake.

Are all Sno-balls chocolate flavoured? I had always assumed that they were white. This one was very dry, chocolatey cake. Not really great, but I did finish it once I had removed the marshmallow.

Layer #4: Creme Filling.

Your standard Hostess creme. I wanted there to be a LOT more of it. This shows how bad and dry the puff was, considering that the creme usually tastes vaguely like chemicals and should not be eaten in large amounts.

My advice to those reading at home: Don't eat these.

My advice to the Leprechaun on the package: If sitting on your pot of gold turns your "puffs" green, it's probably not real gold.

Next up: Big Cherry.



art said...

this is horribly disappointing. i loves me some sno-balls.

Basia said...

Never have sno-balls been more hilarious (and they were already pretty hilarious!)

Anonymous said...

i bet hulk's balls taste better when he gets mad...

that's the problem....these balls are too happy...

good work on the blog!

i will be reading with curious excitement!


Mike said...

As a near urban legend: friends of mine carefully peeled the outer marshmallow layer away from two of these St. Paddy's Day Sno-balls. They left it on a kitchen window sill. In August they were still sitting there--just slightly shriveled. The crunching up of the edges happened the first couple of days. change at all!
They did not rot, because there was nothing to go rotten!!

Good call!