Monday, March 29, 2010

I like my Coffee Crisp crisp.

What: Coffee Crisp Chocolate Milk
Where: 7-Eleven, Toronto
Cost: Unknown (was in my fridge for a while)

Continuing my series of why-chew-when-you-can-drink drinks we have Coffee Crisp in liquid form. I was surprised at the number of chocolate bars they have made drinkable these days. Rolo, Caramilk, and Crispy Crunch (apparently the "crispy" and "crunchy" factors are not an integral part of that chocolate bar) were also available for purchase in the chocolate milk section.

Coffee Crisps are one of my favourite chocolate bars so I was excited to try this drink - even though I cannot really drink milk.

It was basically frothy chocolate milk, like those Milkshake juice boxes that were popular when I was in Elementary school. My mum wouldn't buy them but I never minded much because they always tasted a little weird to me*.

This drink is to milk what processed cheese is to cheddar. The main ingredient is milk and they tell you to "shake it!" before you "drink it!" but it is still not a milkshake. It did taste vaguely of Coffee Crisp, but the real chocolate bar that I bought to compare it with was much more enjoyable.

My roommate, Sebastian, finished off the glass for me. That dude loves chocolate milk.



*I was a child who ate lumps of sugar straight from the jar and could happily subsist on fruit rollups alone, so that probably means something.

[Update] If you are not Canadian you should watch this...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Very Special Blog Post

What: Conguitos
Where: Spain
Cost: Unknown (purchased by Basia)

The last time Basia and the gang were in Europe they brought me back a bag full of Polish caramels and other funny continental confections. It was like Christmas. Every thing I pulled out of the bag was more interesting than the last. Some looked delicious, others made my nose wrinkle. All were beautiful.

Then - a tradgedy.

Somehow the entire bag of candies got lost in the bustle of the backstage area and got left behind when we played at Metropolis in Montreal.

When I bemoaned this horrible discovery, Basia's mom (a deeply caring and infinitely practical woman) told me to stop worrying because there was a Polish deli that she can take me to in Etobicoke to get all that kind of stuff. It might not be quite the same but I will still be taking her up on her offer soon.

This bag of Conguitos was forgotten in Allison's suitcase and thus survived.

I'm not quite sure what to say about Conguitos. I don't speak Spanish, but the name looks like it's a diminutive for someone from the Congo*. Coupled with the picture on it I can't imagine what would happen if these were ever introduced to American markets.

And the company seems to really like the character they have chosen to brand themselves with. It appears that they have modified it a bit recently, but the fact remains that they have an old black stereotype printed on every single peanut.

The peanuts themselves were very good. They were nicely toasted and covered in chocolate.

I really enjoyed eating them, but the packaging is impossible to ignore. Unless they completely revamp their marketing for this product I would not buy these peanuts if I saw them in a store.



*Am I right?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Candies from Colorado

What: Jolly Ranchers Pop (Watermelon)
Where: 7-Eleven, Toronto
Cost: Don't remember

I was cleaning out my refrigerator yesterday and I found this bottle of Jolly Rancher pop. It's been kicking around for a while now, but the guilt I feel for taking up valuable space finally overwhelmed me so I cracked the bottle open and took a sip.

I was alone, but I immediately said out loud "Oh, freaky."

It shouldn't be surprising that the company that makes Jolly Ranchers knows how to make things taste like Jolly Ranchers... but still, it was eerie how closely the pop matched the candies. I actually happened to have a package of watermelon Jolly Rancher candies in a drawer in my room, so I did a thorough taste test to confirm this.

Other than that it's pretty much how you would expect it to taste - very sweet and carbonated. Not very refreshing (translation: slightly better than cream soda, decidedly worse than water).

Later, while eating a Jolly Rancher I accidentally swallowed one whole. It kind of got stuck in my throat and without thinking I took a swig of the pop to help wash it down. Alone in my apartment I coughed and spluttered, and thought "I hope they write something about this on my tombstone."

Fortunately that will not be necessary.

It's not as satisfying or purse-friendly, but perhaps the safest way for me to enjoy Jolly Ranchers candy is in liquid form. I wish it came in grape.



Thursday, March 4, 2010


I have been fiddling around with HTML all day. If the blog looks weird please let me know in the comments and I'll send you some jelly beans.


[Update] I just realized the 2 year anniversary of this blog was yesterday. Holy crap.