Monday, March 29, 2010

I like my Coffee Crisp crisp.

What: Coffee Crisp Chocolate Milk
Where: 7-Eleven, Toronto
Cost: Unknown (was in my fridge for a while)

Continuing my series of why-chew-when-you-can-drink drinks we have Coffee Crisp in liquid form. I was surprised at the number of chocolate bars they have made drinkable these days. Rolo, Caramilk, and Crispy Crunch (apparently the "crispy" and "crunchy" factors are not an integral part of that chocolate bar) were also available for purchase in the chocolate milk section.

Coffee Crisps are one of my favourite chocolate bars so I was excited to try this drink - even though I cannot really drink milk.

It was basically frothy chocolate milk, like those Milkshake juice boxes that were popular when I was in Elementary school. My mum wouldn't buy them but I never minded much because they always tasted a little weird to me*.

This drink is to milk what processed cheese is to cheddar. The main ingredient is milk and they tell you to "shake it!" before you "drink it!" but it is still not a milkshake. It did taste vaguely of Coffee Crisp, but the real chocolate bar that I bought to compare it with was much more enjoyable.

My roommate, Sebastian, finished off the glass for me. That dude loves chocolate milk.



*I was a child who ate lumps of sugar straight from the jar and could happily subsist on fruit rollups alone, so that probably means something.

[Update] If you are not Canadian you should watch this...


blazingboykin said...

With marketing like that it's no wonder you love Coffee Crisp, is there a dialect disconnect or is it just strange? "Sooo?" "Sooo?" what??

Allison said...

I have weird things for you to eat and review. They are both edible, and unlikely to cause you gastro-discomfort!
See you soooooooon!

bjc said...

Caveat alert! Beware the gift of something which must first be described as "edible".... it's like labelling Velveeta "processed cheese food" just so there's no mistaking that it is indeed food, although this might not actually hold up in a court of law, I'm thinking.
ps - is "caveat alert" redundant? If so, a thousand pardons