Saturday, March 13, 2010

Candies from Colorado

What: Jolly Ranchers Pop (Watermelon)
Where: 7-Eleven, Toronto
Cost: Don't remember

I was cleaning out my refrigerator yesterday and I found this bottle of Jolly Rancher pop. It's been kicking around for a while now, but the guilt I feel for taking up valuable space finally overwhelmed me so I cracked the bottle open and took a sip.

I was alone, but I immediately said out loud "Oh, freaky."

It shouldn't be surprising that the company that makes Jolly Ranchers knows how to make things taste like Jolly Ranchers... but still, it was eerie how closely the pop matched the candies. I actually happened to have a package of watermelon Jolly Rancher candies in a drawer in my room, so I did a thorough taste test to confirm this.

Other than that it's pretty much how you would expect it to taste - very sweet and carbonated. Not very refreshing (translation: slightly better than cream soda, decidedly worse than water).

Later, while eating a Jolly Rancher I accidentally swallowed one whole. It kind of got stuck in my throat and without thinking I took a swig of the pop to help wash it down. Alone in my apartment I coughed and spluttered, and thought "I hope they write something about this on my tombstone."

Fortunately that will not be necessary.

It's not as satisfying or purse-friendly, but perhaps the safest way for me to enjoy Jolly Ranchers candy is in liquid form. I wish it came in grape.




bjc said...

So glad you're still with us! If you'd succumbed, though, it would have been one heck of a tombstone....
There once was a Rancher named Holly
Who fancied a sweet we call Jolly,
But the candy got stuck
In her gullet, bad luck! ***
Should have stayed with the pop, or a lolly!

***or substitute WTF if you prefer - your call

peterycas said...

A rough epitaph

Holly sat alone that night, enjoying tasty treats, but alas she began to choke and gag on said delicious sweets! She took a swig of JR watermelon pop and by her luck the Jolly Rancher became unstuck!

cool blog!

hollyrancher said...

I'm glad I would be well remembered...

bjc said...

Sweetly remembered, even

blazingboykin said...

well put, I find it amusing that the first response to tombstones is rhyming epitaphs. Will you be in Philadelphia on March 24th with Basia? And if so, can I bring you a local delicacy "tastykakes"?

hollyrancher said...

Oh man, I won't be in Philly but you have no idea how much I would love to try some Tastykakes! They have been often recommended to me but I have never been able to sample them...

If you want you could always give them to Basia for me, and the next time I'm in Philadelphia I'll bring you some Timbits or something?

Thank you so much for reading this blog!

blazingboykin said...

Ok, I'll give them to Basia for you. I look forward to the Timbits, hope you visit Philly soon!

blazingboykin said...

Hi Holly, did you get the Kandy Kakes I sent along your way? Hope the tour is going well, food looks interesting anway.

hollyrancher said...

I did get them! Thank you thank you! Unfortunately my camera was stolen right after I ate them so I don't have very many pictures, but I will figure something out once I get back to Toronto.

Sorry it has taken so long to post a review!


blazingboykin said...

I miss the blog, hope you finally got the tastycakes last summer :p