Friday, March 28, 2008


What: Faygo Redpop!
When: Mar. 27, 2008
Where: Purchased in Arkansas, consumed en route to Ottawa
Cost: $0.99

The writing on the can actually reads "Genuine Faygo Dee-licious Redpop! Naturally and Artificially Flavored Strawberry Soda". I cracked it open while bored and thirsty in the van. Water would probably have been a better choice, but I have a reputation to protect.

I should have learned by now that opening a can of weirdly flavoured pop while sitting in the back of the van is a bad idea. There are no cup holders, so if the strange brew proves too gross to be finished I am stuck holding it in my hands until the next stop. I tried passing the can around the van for the rest of the band to try, desperately hoping that someone would drink the rest. It eventually came back to me only slightly emptier but with a lot more cooties.

It tasted like bad cream soda. After a couple of sips I thought I could taste a faint undercurrent of melted strawberry candy, but on the whole it did not live up to the "Strawberry Soda" label. It was definitely red pop though. Unsettlingly red pop. It smelled a lot worse than it tasted and was way too sweet to be refreshing.


This post is dedicated to Chris, who has grudgingly become my uncredited photographer and assistant (see his finger holding the pop can above), as well as the rest of the band who also take pictures, pick out food for me, and feed me vitamins to keep the ever-looming danger of scurvy at bay. Thanks guys.



Anonymous said...

The Dee is for Detroit!

Lenny said...

On route to Ottawa?! Darn :)
Oh yea, just dropping by and to say hi and I met you in Ottawa at Zaphod prior to the concert. :)
I hope you remember who I am.
Here's the link from the Ottawa show,

Tanya Gwen Minnick said...

Thanks for your comment Holly!
You guys were super great! and I almost freakisly ended up at your show in toronto last night...via my fabulous cousin...however it didn't happen..besides, I didn't want to seem
Good call btw- re; all the freakish food out there...amazing the things people will put in their bodies, also amazing the people who sit in board rooms coming up with these products :)
take care!
good luck on the rest of the tour!

smileeanne said...

I was watching a small portion of The Wire yesterday, and one of the 'bad guys' requested two hot dogs and a strawberry soda while being questioned.

that's all :)

Kash Sayles said...

weird gas station food reviewed by a ukulele player? This is the Internet perfected!

Seen, but not tried on the I95 between Buffalo and Rochester -one handed driving breakfast ceral, You knw, ruglar ceral like Cheerios and the like but in a speclial container made to be consumed without a spoon while doing 85 on the Interstate. The package called it "Gulp N Crunch" - me and my kids called it "Gulp N CHoke" keep an eye out for it.

uke rules!