Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drove to Chicago

What: Hostess Pudding Pie (Chocolate)
When: Mar. 16, 2008
Where: Somewhere between Arkansas and Illinois.
Cost: $0.99

While driving I found myself feeling a bit peckish. Bobby passed up this Pudding Pie that I had secreted in the basket of oddities that I keep in the back of the van. This is where the weird food that I buy awaits eating, nestled among packets of lemon juice and honey, cutlery and a couple books of Madlibs.

If you want to learn more about someone's psyche than you probably should, try playing Madlibs with them. It's enlightening.

Basia excitedly photographed me as I unwrapped the package and took my first bite. Mike thought it looked like a Pillsbury Pizza Pocket, and it did. Except it was full of chocolate pudding.

The whole thing was surprisingly heavy, making me glad that I didn't check the calorie count on the back. I really enjoyed the first few bites. The pie crust was more dense than ideal, but it was crisp and had a tasteful, light glaze. I like chocolate pudding, and found myself thinking that this was probably the best method of pudding delivery currently available.

Unfortunately (why is there always an "unfortunately"?), as I ate towards the centre of the pie the pudding-to-crust ratio increased and I became aware of an oddly tangy flavour that should not accompany a good chocolate pudding. It eventually became too much to ignore, and I was forced to throw out the half-eaten pie.

The proof of the pudding pie is in the eating, and it seems that Hostess has let me down again. A smart person might just accept that it is impossible for baked goods to be fresh and tasty yet well-preserved enough to stock a bomb shelter, and would therefore stop purchasing them.

I won't be stopping anytime soon.




Anonymous said...


Keep away from those confectionaries! Working and consuming these at a gas station for seven years ("in the night"...) in California has permanently damaged my ulterior valves and arterial motives...

stay happy!
the ultimate gas station wonder

Vic said...

Truly funny and necessary (people need to know about this crap) blog. From so many years of driving 12 and 14 hour trips across the great American and Canadian midwest, I've pulled into so many quick stops in the middle of the night looking for both kinds of fuel (car and me), that I have become quite familiar with all the items you've listed so far.

Was so lucky to get to see you perform at Antone's in Austin during SXSW this year. You play nice and sing like an angel. Keep rockin' and come back to the Southwest soon. I can recommend some middle-of-the-night stops.

Anonymous said...

You should try the Little Debbie version of those chocolate pies. They might taste better than the Hostess version. With that said, I enjoyed your blog! And I wish I could find that cherry bomb thing at a gas station near me, since I love all things cherry flavored.