Thursday, May 6, 2010

Super Troopers

What: Lakrits
Where: Jönköping, Sweden
Cost: 12.00 SEK

I bought this chocolate bar in a gas station in Jönköping but I was hesitant to try it. I don't really like black liquorice and this was a chocolate bar full of it. But, as always, boredom got the best of me during the long drive to Oslo today so I pulled it out of my purse, determined to have a nibble.

The chocolate bar was visibly studded with small, irregular chunks of very dark black liquorice. Kind of cool looking.

It wasn't as bad as I feared. The chocolate tempered the strong taste of the liquorice quite well and the textures were not too dissimilar. The weirdest part was how salty it was. I had forgotten that a lot of liquorice in some European countries is salty, but now that I've tried it I can see why it's so popular. For a non-liquorice lover it was a pleasant surprise.

Of course chocolate makes everything better. And this bar was "chok-o-licious".




eric said...

I appreciate how you use critical language typically reserved for Michelin-calibre gastronomy to describe what is probably furthest from what we might confidently categorize as 'food.' My appreciation grows even deeper when I think, 'my god she's actually eating these things.' My hat goes off to you, Rancher.

bjc said...

Hmmm.... sweet, full of toothsome surprises and a little salty.... could this Lakrits be a metaphor for this blog?