Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chips and Dales

What: Romney's Kendal Mint Cake (Brown)
Where: Tan Hill Inn, Yorkshire Dales
Cost: Unknown (purchased by Basia)

The Tan Hill Pub is the highest pub in Great Britain. We were lucky enough to be playing inside a converted barn at a music festival there, full of old friends and motherless lambs.

Basia found this Mint Cake at some point after our set. The package was too special to ignore and I gleefully unwrapped it as soon as she gave it to me.

When Paul (our resident expert on all things British) told me that it was pure sugar I thought he just meant that it was really sweet. But he wasn't exaggerating.

I opened the package to find a sparkly block of what appeared to be tightly compressed brown sugar. A peek at the ingredients list showed that it was indeed just sugar and peppermint oil - two of my favourite things - unsullied by chocolate or other fillers. Excellent.

The smell of mint wafted up to me as I read the package. Apparently this is the exact brand of mint cake that Tenzing Norgay would have eaten while climbing to the summit of Mount Everest. It's a funny claim to fame, but definitely felt appropriate for our remote locale.

I broke off a block and took a bite. It was softer than I had expected and melted immediately in my mouth. Minty and very sweet, it was delicious but one piece was more than enough for me.




bjc said...

I covet the Kendal! Not sure why, perhaps it is because of its purity and promise of olfactory delight. Maybe it's just because we can't get it here... perchance might it be small enough for some sweet Holly person to tuck into her suitcase and bring back to Canada to share?
Great photo, BTW! I would call it "three lovely lambs", but maybe that's just me

hollyrancher said...

Oh, I didn't get this soon enough! I'm in Germany now, but if I see another one I'll nab it for you.

bjc said...


Leanne said...

Oh wow, what a gorgeous photo!

Massimo Federico said...

hey cool blog.
i'm massimo the italina guy in warsaw and krakow.
but is an half of a cat in your picture?

hollyrancher said...

Hey Massimo! Those are actually lambs, not cats. They were pretty adorable.

Massimo Federico said...

lambs... i hope they were not silent.
the picture is very cool, as the blog and the blogger indeed.
but i still see just half of the lamb on the top right area of the frame...
anyway, to lamb or not to lamb, we wait you guys here in poland again, and again and again.