Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nästa Avfart

What: Pigall
Where: Malmö, Sweden
Cost: 12.00 SEK

I purchased this chocolate bar because I thought the name was funny and I could not figure out what flavour it was. The package showed the insides as a light pink with what looked like nuts or something. Perhaps it would be strawberry-macadamia nut? I really had no clue.

When I finally tried it I was so glad I followed my impulse at the cash register. It was hands down the best chocolate bar I've had all tour (and I've had plenty.)

There were actually two small chocolate bars inside the package, each filled with a buttery cocoa paste. What appeared to be nuts on the package were actually almost invisible rice crisps.

Yesterday we didn't play a show which means lots of driving and no free food. I bought another Pigall bar to augment my meagre "day off" meal of cheese (cut with a fork) on pitabrød that I found in the van.

Rock and roll.




jumbolo said...

Hey Holly? I'm Alessandro, the bald italian guy with glasses you meet in Poland. Is this your blog?

hollyrancher said...

Hey Alessandro! I hope you got back to Italy ok!

jumbolo said...

Yes my dear, I'm good and back to work. Just a little bit of sadness 'cause I couldn't see one concert of you 2 every night. But I'm listening the records with different ears now: I can recognize your voice in the backing vocals :)) seriously!

Anyway, I was very glad to know you and Basia, and I hope we'll see you again in the future.
I like the idea of your blog. Funny and interesting at the same time.
I have one too, if you're curious,, but it's all in italian, sorry.

A kiss for you and one for Basia.