Saturday, February 13, 2010

Olympic Dough Rings

Can anyone tell me why sprinkle donuts used to be called "Hawaiian"?

If you live in Canada I'm sure you have seen these donuts in every Tim Horton's. Basia bought this one for me somewhere last week.

Eight years ago when they announced that the Olympics would be in Vancouver (my hometown) I assumed I would be back there by 2010. But here I am still in Ontario, without even a TV to watch it on.

But I ate that donut.

And I enjoyed it, although I wish the sprinkles were maple-flavoured. Or even just sugar-flavoured. What kind of sprinkles have zero taste?

Go Canada!



rob nelson said...

you are back...
i have missed this!...

Michael Park said...

That's the great thing about these doughnuts - they bring people together from all across the country.
I will eat one in the next few days and it will be like we're hanging out together!
Miss you tons!