Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What: Stuckey’s Pecan Divinity
When: May 13, 2008
Where: Atlanta, GA
Cost: Unknown (Purchased by Justin)

I happened to be walking by the stage door last night when I overheard the security person say that he had something for Holly. Well, his Southern drawl made it sound more like “Hally” but I still couldn’t help sticking my nose in. And I’m very glad that I did, because otherwise I would not have met Justin who was dropping off a special package of food for my blog.

There was a box with a half-dozen GooGoo Peanut Clusters that I am meant to share with the band but may hoard for myself because I like them so much. He also included a little bit of local flavour with a package of slightly melty Pecan Divinity.

They are manufactured here in Atlanta. I first thought they were marshmallow, but they were actually made of vanilla-flavoured nougat topped with a pecan. Sweet and tasty, they reminded me of the inside of those weird sugary jelly bean eggs you get at Easter.

The entire experience brightened my already sunny day.




Ari said...


I would like to photograph you and Basia for the concert on May 18th at The Paradise, Boston. You can view samples of my work on:



Ari AJ

Anonymous said...

Does the tour get to Montana?

try here